On-demand Salesforce Administrative Support
Get what you need when you need it.

  • Can you trust your pipeline reports?  Are you struggling with getting your sales team to record important information on their activities and opportunities?  Are they complaining it’s too hard to use your CRM or takes too much of their valuable time away from sales?
  • Are you spending money on sales development and marketing efforts, but aren’t sure if they are returning results?  Do you understand which efforts are paying off the most?
  • Is your services team meeting its customer services goals?  Do they know how to measure themselves against corporate goals?

You need Latigo Consulting

Latigo Consulting can help!  Latigo Consulting’s team of certified Salesforce business and technical experts are here to help you with Salesforce assistance, whether it’s refining processes to be easier to use or measuring campaigns against goals.  Maybe you’d like to add new functionality, make configuration changes or just make sure you have minor administrative assistance when you need it.  Our specialty is assisting small and medium sized businesses with affordable services and on-going hands-on support that meets your needs as resources fluctuate and business requirements change over time.

Our on-demand services highly complement your SaaS CRM investment, by offering affordable, flexible support, with minimal commitment and overhead.  By focusing on understanding your business initiatives and objectives, our team of business savvy and certified Salesforce experts interacts with, and serves your team members as if we were an extension of your organization.  We can quickly resolve any challenges, and enable you to feel confident that you get what you need when you need it from your Salesforce system.

Our vast knowledge and experience with Salesforce can quickly help resolve business and technical issues, make sure that your Salesforce solution is current and relevant and best practices are being utilized.  We can help optimize and rejuvenate underutilized Salesforce implementations, assist on-demand with mentoring, reporting and analytics, ensuring management, sales, marketing and customer service teams remain focused on core activities and strategic business objectives.